CALD2LEAD Board Diversity Scholarship 

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We're very excited to announce a new part-scholarship opportunity, presented in partnership with the Institute of Community Directors.

Together with The Institute of Community Directors, we're pleased to call for applications for a part-scholarship to undertake the Institute's acclaimed Diploma of Governance.

The Diploma of Governance is a nationally recognised course, now offered entirely online. Students receive first-class governance training specifically tailored for the not-for-profit sector. You can learn more about the Diploma of Governance, here.


This scholarship is for women leaders from Burmese and South Sudanese Communities to undertake the Institute's Diploma of Governance.  To apply for this exciting opportunity please use this link.

What's on offer?

One part-scholarship, providing a $3,700 discount on the regular cost of enrolling in the Diploma of Governance.

The successful applicant will:

  • Pay a reduced $800 contribution towards the cost of these studies

  • Participate in a marketing campaign, led by CALD2LEAD, relating to their experiences studying this course