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Seat at the Table Celebration

New CALD2LEAD Board member Faye graduated from the Centre for Multicultural Youth’s (CMY) Seat at the Table program this week.  Seat at the Table is a Leadership Immersion Program for young women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Pictured left to right are Hugh Wareham FICDA (Board Member) and Observership graduate Faye Shee-Durnion.

CALD2LEAD took part in the Observership placement, offering young women real-life experience in and exposure to the world of leadership and strategic planning and decision-making.

This is also supported by a facilitated training program on governance, finance, risk management, effective communication and other core areas of leadership, where participants will learn from guest speakers, each other and experienced facilitators from The Leadership Centre and CMY.

CALD2LEAD joined the CMY’s celebration night on Monday to celebrate Faye’s graduation from the program. 

“The Seat at the Table program has directly led to Faye joining the board of CALD2LEAD and we are delighted to celebrate with Faye” said CALD2LEAD Treasurer Hugh Wareham

“Thanks to CMY’s Senior Project Officer Jess Case who supported CALD2LEAD and Faye through this journey together”.


CALD2LEAD are also looking forward to participating in the 2023 Seat at the Table program.

Learn more about Faye’s experience of Seat at the Table here.

November 28 2022

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