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CALD2LEAD Board announces new Multicultural Youth Director


Faye Shee-Durnion

Board Member

"As a queer, young woman from a  Malaysian-Chinese and Northern Irish background, I see the challenges and the importance of intersectionality. My volunteering, study and mentoring have allowed me to understand the difficulties of navigating this space, but also the opportunity we all have to make a difference and the importance of involving lived experience in our decision making."

CALD2LEAD has appointed Faye Shee-Durnion to their Board at the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Faye has recently completed the ‘Seat at the Table’ Leadership Immersion Program through the Centre for Multicultural Youth in parallel with a twelve-month Board Observership placement with CALD2LEAD.

CALD2LEAD’s Chair, Dennis Banfield, said "the team is honoured and excited to welcome Faye on to the Board. Faye brings a rich diversity of experience, passion and dedication to creating pathways and change for CALD communities and critical social issues including youth empowerment, anti-discrimination rights, environment and mental health."

This appointment marks a very important step for the organisation as we bring the next generation of thinking, perspectives and experience into our decision making and strategic direction. Faye’s experience, thought leadership and volunteer work facilitating and mentoring our next generation of multicultural leaders provides new skills and capabilities to the Board.

Faye is passionate about supporting CALD communities’ access to leading industry training programs and scholarships and is looking forward to having a direct role in shaping this.

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